Canada Post Prepaid Shipping Envelopes

Like other couriers, Canada Post also provides prepaid shipping envelops to complete delivery services for its customers. The Canada Post says it will save customers time and money if they bought prepaid shipping envelops online. This is true and a lot of online commerce sellers are benefit from this. But do you know how this save your time and money?


How Canada Post Prepaid Shipping Envelopes save your time and money?

Buying prepaid shipping envelopes online is very convenient because this service is available 24 hours, seven days a week. You even do not need to pay any process fee to get the receipts for you accounting records. All you need to do is to set the order patterns to get enough prepaid shipping envelops for your businesses. In the past, you may need to repeatedly access to your account once there is a need to ship packages. So this really can save your time and money.


Besides, you and your customers can benefit a lot of value-added services from this services. For your customers, they can track their Canada Post packages, receive delivery confirmation and even a free signature-on-delivery option if the packages are shipped with Priority™ services. Everyone loves to know their packages' statuses, to do this you can definitely please your customers and thus generate more sales and positive feedbacks. For senders, if packages got lost or damaged thought this kind of service, they can get a compensation of up to 100 dollars. And they can also enjoy branded shipping envelopes if shipping quantity exceeds 500.