What delivery services provided by Canada Post cannot be traceable?


Canada Post separates its delivery services into three categories. They are delivery within Canada, delivery to the USA and delivery to international destinations. If you have ever sent packages via Canada Post, you may found that not all delivery services provided by Canada Post enable a tracking number. Without a tracking number, packages cannot be traceable.


Usually, delivery services provided by Canada Post which do not enable tracking numbers are cheaper than those have tracking numbers. If you found your postage fees is very cheap, you should be aware if your delivery service enable a tracking number. So you need to think about whether you want to sacrifice money or tracking results.


For package sent within Canada, the delivery time usually takes 2-4 days. And there is little chance to get lost. But if you are sending an international package, tracking results would be very useful information for you to know the delivery status of your parcel. For example, you can find when your package would arrive at the customs and then take necessary measures to help customs officer release your parcels.


According to the Canada Post official website, packages sent to the USA or to international with Small Packet™, Light Packet™ and Letter-post cannot be traceable.