An introduction to Canapa Post ePost

Canapa Post ePost

Epost, launched in the year of 2,000, is a digital mailbox provided by Canada Post to help Canadians manage bills, pay stubs, financial statements. It is very easy to set up and use. The most important thing is it is completely free. With it, people can no longer need to receive the paper bills and statements by mail as the digital mailbox can help users store bills and statements electronically for up to seven years. Instead, they can view them by entering their own digital mailbox at anytime and from anywhere.


"Once upon a time, I am really fed up with so many papers filled in my cabinets and drawers. And to find the specific paper I need is another complicated thing. Now I am becoming much better organized since I used the ePost digital mailbox", said Sandy from Toronto.


The Canada Post boasts its ePost service as "one place, one login, one password". If you have not had your own ePost digital mailbox yet, I suggest you sign up for one. Your data would not be get lost or disappeared whether there is an earthquake, flood, fire as the Canada Post has a powerful off-site backups. Besides, all your files are encrypted when you upload and download them. Your privacy is ensured with encryption.