What can you do if your international package has not been delivered?

international package has not been delivered

Shipping time of an item depends on the shipping services you use and the destination country you are sending to. Sometimes, when there are large volumes to be treated in customs, your package may be delayed. If your item is sent by regular mail which has no tracking number, then when arrived at the destination country, it will be sent by a same kind of service that has no tracking number. In this case, your package cannot be tracked and delivery cannot be advised. This is also the least service I will recommend customers to use to send packages.


Canada Post is only responsible for packages within Canada. If your packages have arrived at the destination country, you need to go to the postal website of the destination country to track your delivery status. Please also note that tracking info of international parcels (Air and Surface items) is only available when they are in Canada. And Small Packet USA and Small packet international items cannot be tracked either in Canada or in abroad.


Another important thing you need to do is to check if your package contains any non-mailable items or restrictions that may cause delay.


If your package missed the delivery standard date, you can file a claim online.