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The full name of Canada Post is Canada Post Corporation. Many people would also call it Poste Canada or Canada Poste. In the year of 1981, the Canada Post Corporation Act which is aimed to set a new direction for the postal service by ensuring the postal service's financial security and independence came into effect. At that time, Canada Post was established.  As of 2015, Canada Post has delivered around 9 billion items to over 15.8 million addresses. It usually ships within Canada, to the USA or an international destination.

Canada Post tracking | Poste Canada tracking | Xpresspost tracking | Canada tracking | EMS tracking Canada 

Site visitors can track all their packages carried by Canada Post in this website. They can get delivery updates by entering Canada Post, xpresspost, registered mail, priority, EMS tracking number. If you do not find any info about your Canada Post parcel, you need to check if you have input the right Canada Post tracking number. And please also note that tracking info usually appears after 24 hours from the time when you got your tracking number.

Canada Post Postal Code | Canadian Postal Code | Postal codes in Canada

A Canada Post Postal Code is consisted of three numbers and three letters, they can be defined as *#* #*# (Note: *stands for a letter and # stands for an number. There is space between the third character and the fourth). An H0H 0H0 postal code stands for the address where people can sent their Christmas wishes in a letter to the Santa Claus, the volunteer or the post worker will then respond to them. If you want to know the postal code of your address in Canada, you can always go to Canada Post official website to find it.

Canada Post Office

You can always find the Canada Post Office by enter this link: You can zoom in or zoou out the map to find your desired post office. By clicking the "List", you can see all the post offices located in your search place. Click the one you are finding to see the hours of operation.

Canada Post tracking number  

Of course there is no way to list all of the Canada Post tracking numbers, so I will just list all the Canada Post tracking number formats that I know.

a. sixteen digits: 0000 0000 0000 0000

b. four letters and nine digits: AA 000 000 000 AA

c. eleven digits: 00 000 000 000

d. twelve digits: 0000 0000 0000

Canadian Postal Services

Canada Post provides a broad range of services, including Postal services, mail management services, package tracking services and so on.

Postal services: Expedited/Regular Parcel, Xpresspost, Registered Mail, Packets, Priority and Lettermail and Letter-post

Mail management services: Mail Forwarding, Hold Mail, Community mailbox, epost and FlexDelivery

Canada Post Customer Service | Canada Post Phone Number | Canada Post Contact

Contact Canada Post by phone: 1-866-607-6301 (Domestic); 416-979-3033 (International)

Working Hours: Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. – 11 p.m. ET; Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. ET

Working Contents: Delivery status of a trackable item, Community mailboxes, Postage rates, Sending and receiving mail, Email marketing (inquiries and unsubscribing)

Canada Post Shipping

Canada Post offers many shipping services and they are vary from destinations. Within Canada, customers can choose Priority™, Xpresspost™ and Regular Parcel™ to ship their goods; To the United States: Priority™ Worldwide, Xpresspost™ USA, Expedited Parcel™ USA, Tracked Packet™ USA and Small Packet™ USA can be choosen; To international destination: Priority™ Worldwide, Xpresspost™ International, International Parcel™, Tracked Packet™ International and Small Packet™ International can be choosen.

Canada Post rates, Canada Post parcel rates, Canada Post shipping rates

Customers can find Canada Post shipping rates here:


Canada Post Prepaid Shipping Envelopes
Like other couriers, Canada Post also provides prepaid shipping envelops to complete delivery services for its customers.
Features of Canada Post Domestic Registered Mail
I have introduced Canada Post Domestic Registered Mail in my previous article. Here, I would like to introduce features of Canada Post Domestic Registered Mail.
Canada Post Domestic Registered Mail
Registered Mail service offered by Canada Post is entitled to proof of delivery. Recipients need to sign their names once the packages are delivered.
What will happened to your mail if Canada Post lockout occurred?
Canada Post has announced its several lockouts last year, making online sellers and buyers very nervous at a time.
What delivery services provided by Canada Post cannot be traceable?
Canada Post separates its delivery services into three categories. They are delivery within Canada, delivery to the USA and delivery to international destinations.